Faisal Malik

❝As a Muslim born and raised in Montreal I have experienced first-hand the challenges that young Muslims face towards their identity and faith. Navigating one's religious identity in a predominantly secular society can at times prove to be challenging.

Building upon my experiences and knowledge, I look forward to working with students and share with them the vitality of the beautiful teachings of Islam, which will allow them to thrive in whatever circumstances they are in Insha'Allah.❞


Faisal's Biography

Faisal Malik has a BA in Religion from Concordia University (Montreal, QC), and a MA in Near/Middle Eastern Civilizations from the University of Toronto (Toronto, ON) and a Diploma in Arabic from the International Open University. Along with his academic studies he continues to pursue Islamic studies from various institutes and scholars. Faisal also has several years of experience working with several social and community services in Montreal, including those that help Muslims in difficult financial and social circumstances. His interests include topics such as tafsir, tazkiyah, Islamic psychology, colonialism and Islamic education.