Chaplaincy Program

The Mont Lumiere Foundation is excited to announce the appointment of Faisal Malik as our first Muslim chaplain to serve Montreal's university and college student community. We look forward to working with him to fulfill the spiritual and psychosocial needs of Montreal's youth and to provide support for their spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Our Mission

Provide spiritual and mental guidance to Muslim youth and university students through meaningful Islamic chaplaincy, mentorship and education. 

Our Vision

To establish a strong and vibrant community of Muslims on university campuses guided by Islamic principles and the Prophetic way.

Our Values

We believe that a strong community is one where its members are respectful, supportive, and welcoming. We believe in living life with excellence, humility, mercy and beauty. 

About Us

The Mont Lumiere Foundation was established by alumni of McGill University and the Muslim Students’ Association of McGill University (MSA McGill). Having experienced the mental and spiritual struggles that are common to many Muslim youth going through university, the founders of the Mont Lumiere Foundation created the organization with the goal to alleviate these challenges from current and future Muslim students, and to provide a source of guidance and support as they navigate their own journeys of growth and discovery, and maintaining and strengthening their Islamic faith and values.

Support the Cause

Our efforts are possible because of your support. Please consider donating to the Mont Lumiere Foundation to continue supporting chaplaincy services for Muslim youth and students.

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